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2023 Zin Gris

Barrel fermented dry rose of Zinfandel


Derived from fully mature grapes picked at optimum ripeness, Zin Gris is a rosé of focused fruit enveloped in aromas of pomegranate and berry. Juice is drawn off from our premium estate grapes after steeping on the skins for 8 to 10 hours. It is then inoculated with a special, cool-fermentation yeast known for preserving delicate fruit and enhancing aromatics, and gently fermented in 5 year old barrels for nearly 3 months. The result is a dramatic 100% Zinfandel that is relatively light only in color, medium only in weight, but otherwise full flavored, complex, and refreshing. Serve cool and enjoy.
Vintage 2023
Varietal Zinfandel
Appellation Napa Valley
Size 750 ml